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Vending Machines business is 100% against Cash only business.  All you just need is a nominal initial investment and it does not require any degrees or previous experience either. The success or failure of this business is you. You don’t need anybody else in the Vending Machine Business other than yourself. You are the boss and you alone will decide as to what kind of a vending machine you need, what do you want to stock and sell and where do you want to place the vending machine.


New Beverage Machine pages

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A-rated machines, now broken down my manufacturer as well as size. B-rated machines now broken down by corporate branding such as, Coke, Dr Pepper, Pepsi machines as well as generic multi price and single price machines. We sell soda vending machines, snack vending machines and other types from the following fine manufactures on this site: Coinco, Conlux, Crane Automatic Products, Crane Dixie Narco, Crane,  National, GPL, Lektro-Vend, Mars Electronics, National Vendors, Polyvend, Rowe International, Vendo Sanden. We
sell parts for many machines including coin mechs, dollar validators and more

Vending machines in the past and present

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Vending machines can be seen in many places. They are usually somewhere, which is traversed heavily by many people. You will note that they are in bus stations, train stations, office buildings, and even shopping malls. They will either have a variety of goods or one type. They are so diverse that they can either give you a cold beverage, a tasty snack and even a hot meal. There is no limit to what is available in them.
The vending business is not new at all. It goes back for many centuries. Can you imagine as far back as the 1 A.D. did you know that the first was created in Alexandria, by an engineering phenomenon from Greece. He designed a vending machine that operated by dispensing holy water. This could be found in the Egyptian temples. It was also controlled with coins.
It was truly way ahead of its time. The concept was not changed until the industrial revolution period where there were now electrical alternatives. Then since then, the early 19th century, people would be able to see these new and Refurbished Vending Machines almost everywhere. Books and postcards were also dispensed from these machines. It was round about this same era that these vending machines were introduced to the American market. In New York, gum dispensing machine was a great invention there. Since then, you could not go about the urban areas without seeing one. As well as the books, you could get food, stamps and cigarettes.
This is certainly a multibillion dollar industry; did you know? Because of this, they are continually being advanced in their technology. Did you know that they even have wireless capabilities? Their communication systems have been built like that so that the companies can quickly and easily track inventory, when they need to be refilled and monitor any other activity going on with them. You can be certain if you manage to move one, they will find you in a jiffy. Because they do use electrical power, alternate sources are being employed like hydrogen fuel-cell machines.
Yes, this is a great and invigorating concept; but so too are the diversity in the products that are sold through these new or refurbished vending machines. The innovation certainly doesn’t stop as every year there are new concepts. The great minds just keep on churning out new ideas. Japan and US are certainly leaders in this. You can get pizza that is fresh, or even small weird and wonderful trinkets in Japan. Truly, one has to wonder if there is anything that cannot be sold in a vending machine.
What is offered in vending machines will vary about the world. If you are considering using these machines and going into the vending business, then certainly you must understand that there are factors to consider.
You will want to put them somewhere, that a lot of people will go by them, and buy from them. You are looking for maximum profits from your investment. So it is common sense to place them where there are a great many people. Many of the options that come to mind, might already be occupied by other vending machines; but that does no t limit you to not thinking outside the box and being innovative in choosing a location. When you go about your day to day business, just look around see where could use a vending machine.
You will want to talk to everyone and anyone who will give you ideas and suggestions. This will range from friend and foe; to family and business connections. Try to network as much as possible. Out of your networking you might connect with a business that is looking to have them installed on their premises.

Three examples of government waste or fraud

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I am a small business man and every time I hear stories of government
waste or fraud it rubs me the wrong way. All of us have probably seen
personally cases of this happen. As bad as things are in the USA
today we can no longer afford waste, fraud or abuse.

Let me preface this article by saying that I do not want to get any
individual, company, or government entity in trouble with this
article. I have personal knowledge of the examples shown in this
article but as to not tell the identity of the persons involved I
will just say ‘someone I know’.

The first example I wish to give regards the elderly mother of ‘someone I
know’. This elderly woman fell a few months back and was taken to a
hospital about two miles away. Medicare paid the ambulance to take
her there. After she was treated for her fall she didn’t have a ride
back to her rest home so the ambulance company was more than happy to
take her back the two miles. I assume that medicare refused to pay
for this ride so they billed the elderly woman over $1700 for this
two mile ride.  I have no way of knowing what they billed medicare to
take her there but if they billed her over $1700 to take her back we
can only imagine what they charged medicare.

The second example is about the son of ‘someone I know’. This young man
is going to college at a state school. While at school he has been
taking machine shop classes and had become good at doing machinist
work. The dean decided that he was so good that while he is going to
school there he is also now working there when not taking classes.
The school is paying him $85 per hour. Now I ask myself; does a
school need a basically full time machinist?  I guess the answer is
no to my question because for a while when there was not enough work
for this machinist the dean decided that he would like to have a
beryllium chess set made for his office, the metal provided by the
school. I didn’t even know what this metal was so I had to look it up
and find that it is some kind of expensive metal used in aerospace
etc.  The story now takes a turn that even I couldn’t believe. Now
this student/employee of the university has received a full
scholarship to pay for all of his education. It even gets better; he
was also given a three bedroom house to live in free of charge as
long as he goes to school. This whole thing makes me sick! It is no
wonder that students today cannot afford ever higher tuition costs
with waste like this going on.

The third example hits very close to home for me since I sell vending
for a living. The state I live in has a program to help
disabled people earn a living by buying them vending machines and
putting them in public buildings. I was told it is funded by a
combination of state and federal funding but I don’t know that for
sure because the details are kind of fuzzy and they don’t want to
talk much about it. This program used to buy new machines every seven
years, regular as clockwork. When they would buy these new machines
they would auction off the old machines, in a sealed bid process
right at the facility where they were located. I used to go to these
auctions on a regular basis, sometimes I would win the bids,
sometimes not. On the days when I was lucky enough to win the bids I
would spend up to $10,000 on used machines at one time.  The ways the
state handles in now is unbelievable. Now they buy new machines here
and there on a non regular basis and here is the best part; they pay
their current servicemen to send these machines to scrap metal. Yes
you heard me right, ‘they pay them’ to haul them to scrap metal and
the servicemen also get the scrap money. I have contacted the people
in charge of this program about buying the machines that they
currently send to scrap. On one occasion I offered $4,000 for
machines that were going to be scraped in one load. I was told that
they cannot sell them to me, that they would have to be auctioned off
and that would be ‘too much trouble and paperwork’. So there we have
another example of government waste. I am willing to buy machines
from the state but it is ‘easier’ for them to pay someone to take
them to scrap metal, a lose, lose for them and for the taxpayers that
I am sure pay to support this program.

The bottom line is this is not about politics. Waste and fraud like the
examples I have given above hurt every American, regardless of the
political party that you belong to. I am just one businessman,
taxpayer that knows these three examples personally. I am sure that
all across the USA there are millions of people just like me that
know examples like these. If you do the math, the numbers are
staggering.  For what is worth, just one taxpayers opinion.