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Independent Vending Machine Business – Risk Reduction

Branching out and beginning your own business is, in itself, a risk. Leaving behind a steady paycheck and the lack of responsibilities associated with being an employee and not an employer has another set of risks. You, however, want to be in charge of your own destiny, to write your own future, to set your own hours and to be the boss. These are noble callings and mean you are self-reliant, motivated and have a mind for business.

Rather than just running out and immediately starting your new vending machine business, you need to strongly consider what are the risks and rewards associated with this new venture.Any new business, as previously stated, has a degree of risk.A vending machine business can have incredible rewards, and you are willing to risk what is necessary to make it.

One of the first risks you are likely to encounter is buying machines. Used vending machines, while cheaper, may not have some of same anti-theft protection as a newer, recently built machine. The products and the money inside are a quick way for unscrupulous individuals to earn some fast cash, and this leaves you, the owner, on the hook for the repair bills and replacement product.

The chances of your machines running low, out of or lacking a particular product are always a problem. You must be willing and capable of filling your machines quickly. This may mean no vacation; holidays or weekends off because at any time you may have to service and fill your machines.

Choosing to hire an employee or employees to assist you will present a new set of risks like insurance, bonding and employment taxes. When you own your own business, the only person you will realistically be able to trust and be assured to get the job done right is you.

This is not to say you cannot start a new business and be very successful. All businesses will have some degree of risk involved, but no business ever began because someone was too scared to step out and begin something new. There is not one business that did not get started without someone willing and able to take a risk.

A vending machine business has the opportunity to be very lucrative and profitable. The margins of profit are high when you consider the amount of work involved. Do your homework; calculate the risks and step out. It may lead you to greatness.

Author Bio: Victor McNamara works at Vending World. Vending World is a leading distributor of used vending machines. They have been selling vending machines since 1968 and can fill almost all of your general vending machine needs.

Vending machine financing

Any customer that wishes to acquire your equipment and inventory can obtain 100% financing.  Our business loan program is available to any business that is a year or older, credit score of 500 or higher and gross revenue of $15,000 per month or more.  Fast credit decisions and funding within a week.  Please contact us for additional details.
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Vending on Demand, reborn as a new vending information site

Vending Machines business is 100% against Cash only business.  All you just need is a nominal initial investment and it does not require any degrees or previous experience either. The success or failure of this business is you. You don’t need anybody else in the Vending Machine Business other than yourself. You are the boss and you alone will decide as to what kind of a vending machine you need, what do you want to stock and sell and where do you want to place the vending machine.


Monster Energy Drink Vending Machines

Dedicated Monster Energy brand vending machines sell more products due to brand recognition. Monster Energy brand is now the #1 energy drink in many states and outsells all of its competitors by a huge margin. This machine screams that ‘Monster Energy’ is in the machine to any potential customer that walks by it. These ‘official’ 2009 Monster Energy graphics are produced in limited quantities making the cost of the machines a little higher than regular corporate logo machines. Our customers that have purchased these dedicated Monster Energy machines have told us that the increased sales of energy products more than makes up for the higher price of the machine. These machines can be set to vend standard 12 oz cans any even 20 oz bottles with minor shim conversions as well as the 16 oz energy drinks.