Monster Energy Drink Vending Machines

Dedicated Monster Energy brand vending machines sell more products due to brand recognition. Monster Energy brand is now the #1 energy drink in many states and outsells all of its competitors by a huge margin. This machine screams that ‘Monster Energy’ is in the machine to any potential customer that walks by it. These ‘official’ 2009 Monster Energy graphics are produced in limited quantities making the cost of the machines a little higher than regular corporate logo machines. Our customers that have purchased these dedicated Monster Energy machines have told us that the increased sales of energy products more than makes up for the higher price of the machine. These machines can be set to vend standard 12 oz cans any even 20 oz bottles with minor shim conversions as well as the 16 oz energy drinks.


12 thoughts on “Monster Energy Drink Vending Machines

  1. Monster energy drink is what we need in the office. We work late at night and we need energy to be able to continue working. I would suggest this to my team leader.

  2. Do you still have this kind of vending machine? Do you only sell the machine itself? I would really want to know. Thanks.

  3. I saw the Monster Energy drink vending machine at your online store. This would really be a good home-based business for me. I will have to check with my husband first.

  4. I saw a Monster Energy drink vending machine at a nearby store. The people always buy from it. The machine looks good too just like the one you have on your site.

  5. Our company needs a financial help. This might be the answer to my manager’s problem. Vending machines will help a lot.

  6. I am always on the look out for business opportunities. This is a great idea that will only need low capital but high ROI. I like this idea and I will further check on it first.

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