Refurbished vending machines

Thank you for visiting Vending World on the web. Many other sites sell only new mechanical vending machines. This is because new ‘commercial’ grade vending machines are very expensive. We only sell refurbished ‘commercial’ grade vending machines. We do this  because most locations do not need new vending machines. Our rebuilt vending machines sell for 20% to 50% the cost of new vending machines. Are you thinking about buying ‘low cost combo machines or bulk vending’? Please see our new users pages before you buy. Compare our commercial grade vending equipment for the vending business. All of our rebuilt equipment is listed on our website. Many other sellers of used or new vending equipment make you call them for prices. All of our machines can be bought with online ordering. Why buy used vending machines? You can buy our refurbished vending equipment for about the same price as used. You can see prices clearly marked and you can see pictures of the actual models. Many items we have built in small quantities due to limited space in our showroom area.


14 thoughts on “Refurbished vending machines

  1. Some business that are just starting up wants machines that don’t cost that much. But still with good quality and can deliver. I will tell my friends about your site.

  2. We need to be practical nowadays. Starting a business doesn’t need to be all brand new things. I salute you for being able to come up with this site and business.

  3. I will check on your new user’s page. I am excited to order mine for our store. We are just a small business that would like to get extra income.

  4. Vending machines are very convenient and profitable. You don’t need to hire another person to do the sales for you. These refurbished machines are very promising.

  5. You are a genius! I can save money by buying one of your refurbished vending machine. I will further check your site. Thanks!

  6. Are these machines readily available? I may need to get 3-4 machines but I will talk to my secretary first. I will let her see this page. Thanks.

  7. I agree that we don’t need to pay a lot if the quality is the same. My business partner told me about your site. I will check everything first.

  8. This is good! I can order vending machines online. Plus it is much lower than the brand new ones. This is a very valuable article.

  9. Your store is very organized. I like it how you give options to your buyer. I am going to tell my business partner about your vending machine, so we can discuss if we will get one. I will encourage him to do so. I will come back soon.

  10. This article is what I have been searching all night long. Thanks for posting this and for the link to your store. I am now checking the users page.

  11. I am a big fan of buying second hand equipment or items. It is like seeing treasures and you are the only one who got it. I will share this site to each person I know.

  12. I like how convenient your site is. I can check which one is available and order online. Then it will be delivered to my location. I really love technology!

  13. My friend got few vending machines at their store. She said it was the best idea and it made a lot of profit for her. I will ask her how this business goes and if she can convince me. Then I will order a few from your site.

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